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Llewellyn Bankes-Hughes, Managing Director of UK-based Petrospot commented:

LBH‘Las Palmas is already well-known as a bunkering centre for ships sailing north from Africa and East from the Americas, and vice-versa, but as a ship supply centre it offers so much more than is generally known. This major new event will highlight the ship building and repair facilities and three dry docks in Las Palmas. It will look at the hugely important West African offshore oil and gas industry and its tank farms which are an important source of oil supply for several West African states. It will showcase Las Palmas’ activities in the container transhipment sector, a well as in the cruise and ferry and offshore fishing sectors. The wide range of first class maritime-related activities carried out in Las Palmas, from crew change to the supply of provisions, will be amply demonstrated during Maritime Week Las Palmas.’

Director of the Fundación Puertos de Las Palmas, Sergio Galván Montesdeoca, added:

Sergio Galvan‘This fantastic new event offers a wonderful opportunity for local Las Palmas organisations to engage with the international maritime community, offering them the perfect platform to demonstrate the very best of what Las Palmas has to offer. The business-to-business session meeting platform will be especially useful for companies to meet each other during the event. We are delighted that Petrospot is leading this project and, with the dedication and contribution from all the major stakeholders in the port, Government and Industry alike, we are sure that Maritime Week Las Palmas will be at least as great as the many other international events Petrospot organises.’