We have listed below a selection of reviews from our events and courses. 

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'Very comprehensive course, with top notch speakers!' (CFB Halifax, Canada)

'I came on this course after being in the industry for 9 months and feel that not only has my knowledge expanded, but also my network. Met a really diverse and interesting group of people, all whie learning the intricacies surrounding the bunker industry.' (Hanwa Co Ltd., UK)

'Very good course with very skilled teachers. Thank you for a very interesting course which gave a good understanding of the business. The way the course is organised is very good.' (Bergen Bunkers AS, Norway)

'For five days of your time you get expert lecturers, excellent industry knowledge and info and network with international peers.' (DCC Ireland)

'It has been a great week with loads of new insights.' (Bomin Deutschland, Germany)

'Thoroughly enjoyed. Very useful course.' (SeaTec UK Ltd., UK)


'Excellent course, excellent teachers, a unique experience which enabled me to experience the industry from different perspectives allowing me to reflect on my own role. I would recommend this to everyone.'
KPI Bridge Oil (UK)

'I thought the course was brilliant, it was a packed five days but well worth it.  The lecturers were top class, and made everything easily understandable – the course slides were also very straight forward and to the point.  The group we had was really good as well, and the activities organised were great.  All in all I would definitely recommend it to those who would join Seychelles Petroleum in this field of bunkering.'
Seychelles Petroleum Co (Seychelles)

'The case studies were one of the most interesting parts of the week.  Thank you.'
World Fuel Services (UK)

‘Great experience and opportunity to meet people from bunker industry around the world’
YPF S.A. (Argentina)




'Both training programme and location found ideal. Many thanks for this fruitful 3 days that will help in my future appointment.' (CMA-CGM, France)

'Excellent course, perfect level for me. Exercises were particularly good.' (World Fuel Services, UK)

'Excellent course in excellent hotel surroundings. All speakers showed great knowledge and experience.' (CMA-CGM, France)


 'I found the course comprehensive and was especially impressed with the level of detail covered on the technical aspect'

Peninsula Petroleum (Singapore)

‘A very good course, good mix of commercial and bunker learning’
Trillion Energy Pte Ltd (Singapore)

‘Appreciate the course director Nigel Draffin.  He is a professional.  I will try to join more courses in the future because I have learnt a lot. Great opportunity for me to improve myself in the Bunker Industry.’
International Bunkering Services (China)

‘Well planned and structured.  Exercises and test were fruitful and fun’
Vale (Singapore)




'This course is essential to all bunkering professionals.' (GOIL)

'The course helped me in a huge way. I now have a full understanding about bunkering.' (BP Southern Africa)

'It was an enjoyable course,  interactive and productive throughout all sessions.' (GBS)

'Great eye contact by the presenter Nigel. The speed of delivery was fantastic.' (ZEN Petroleum)




‘A very good course which provides a very good overview of LNG Bunkering’
Ministry of Transport (Singapore)

'A great introduction and comprehensive overview of the fundamentals of LNG'
Rolls Royce (Singapore)

‘Nigel Draffin is always a font of knowledge which he expertly delivers to his pupils’
Nautical Supply International Ltd (United Kingdom)

'This course provided an excellent and easy to digest introduction to LNG Bunkering in particular and LNG principles in general.  Very well done, thank you'
Gibraltar Port Authority



‘It was surely an exceptional event for us. The networking aspect was very good indeed. We will definitely keep in touch’
Port Agency Services (PAS) (Mauritius)

‘The event as usual is the best in the bunker business anywhere in the world and I found it very enjoyable’
Springwes Nigeria Ltd (Nigeria)

‘The event was very informative and the presentations supplied a great insight into the maritime industry and bunkers’
Intertek South Africa (South Africa)

‘The conference was very interesting and I made good business contacts’
Stena Oil (Sweden)




'Good venue, well organised, industry expert presentations with ample networking opportunities.'

'Overall topics have covered vast field of economical, political and shipping knowledge. Very happy with all information provided.'

'Quality of the speakers and the detail in planning speaker topics are carefully arranged so overlap is minimised. Full 360 coverage with regards to content is insured.'
Cockett Marine Oil Group

'Ideal Bunkering convention to enhance ones knowledge and utilise this platform to make new acquaintances and even friends, given the common interests of the participants'
Central Shipmanagement

'Well balanced conference with a good mix of technical and commercial topics'
Lanka Maritime Services

'A very informative and interesting convention. The PPTs and session delivery by industry experts were very relevant as well as come good insight into the future.'
Cockett Marine Oil (DMCC)

'I enjoyed the bunkering surgery session and the lively debates and discussions'
Cockett Marine Oil (DMCC)

'I liked the speeches from this conference: very informative and supportive with strong issues'
Big Port Service (DMCC)



'Fantastic. The best organisation I've ever seen for a bunker conference.'
Caribbean Fuels (Guadeloupe)

‘MWA is outstanding value. I have made fantastic contacts in the industry and gained a deeper and up to date standing of the article issues facing the industry’
Platts (UK)

‘Outstanding content with highly qualified panellists’
Emerson Process Management (USA)                     

‘Another fantastic Petrospot event with high quality discussions on a number of progressive topics’
Maersk Oil Trading (Denmark)



Congratulations, one of the best conferences of the past 30 years with good transparency and know how topics’
Inspectorate BV (Netherlands)

‘Very interesting event where you meet with all stakeholders in the industry and get a good overview of the state of the business’
Deloitte (Belgium)

‘As a surveyor it is very important to get acquainted with the position of all parties that are involved in the bunker business, and this Symposium provides  the proper platform for this to happen’
Tanido B.V. (Netherlands)

'Interesting, informative and well organised. Qualified and high profile speakers.'
BIMCO (Netherlands)



'Excellent and cohesive. The past, present and future were all treated with complimentary presentations in logical sequence.'
Razaghi Meyer International (UK)

‘Great job and congratulations to the Petrospot team.’
BP Marine (Netherlands)

‘An excellent event to discuss the important matters at hand through the eyes of different positions in the shipping market. Good excuse for networking!’
Global Vision Bunkers BV (Netherlands)

'The event was very well organised. All discussions were very relevant to the current shipping/bunkering climate'
Guardian Marine Testing (UK)



‘Indepth introduction to shipping.  Nigel's delivery was fantastic.  He has a true passion and a great amount of experience.’
Steam Marine Training (UK)

‘I found the trainer extremely knowledgeable and engaging with all delegates.  A great course for those with no basic or general knowledge within the shipping industry.’  
Inchcape Shipping Services (UK)

'This is a very good course for a comprehensive overview of the shipping industry’
Horizon Marike (UK)

‘Very comprehensive and useful’
Department for Transport (UK)



'Very well organised and perfect examples to better understand the past, the present and the future'
Fratelli Cosulich, Portugal

'Thanks very much for the course. It's been very interesting and definitely beneficial'
Peninsula Petroleum, Gibraltar

‘The course covered the subjects I required and was attended by a good mix across the industry’
Fred Olsen Lines, UK



‘Wonderfully detailed and explanatory presentations for both newcomers and old hands alike’
Jardine Shipping Services (Singapore)

‘The event was very well planned. The topics covered provided a very good insight into the challenges faced in the oil and gas industry’
BW Offshore (Singapore) Pte Ltd (Singapore)

‘This is an eye opener to me I am more enlightened in managing credit risk’
Jessco Maritime Resources Ltd (Nigeria)

‘Credit risk management is absolutely necessary for the sales and commercial team. Very useful seminar.’
Organización Terpel S.A. (Colombia)



'My first attendance at an IBIA Event. Excellent organisation and presentation and a great opportunity to meet people at the heart of the industry.'
Environmental Fuels (UK)

‘It was an amazing course. Nigel is a great speaker. I have learned so much and improved my knowledge a lot’
Fratelli Cosulich Consultadora e Paticipações Lda (Madeira, Portugal)

'My first attendance at an IBIA Event. Excellent organisation and presentation and a great opportunity to meet people at the heart of the industry.'
Environmental Fuels (UK)

'Another well-organised event in excellent surroundings and world-class speakers — topical, insightful and educational.'
Razaghi Meyer International (UK)



‘I found it enjoyable and productive – well done and well conducted’
B.V. Campbell Lda (Portugal)

‘I found the course very interesting and illuminating. I have to highlight how well the time was used to cover all the subject areas. I found it perfectly organised’
Peninsula Petroleum (Canary Islands, Spain)

‘Great programme contents, well organised timetable and subject matter’
Repsol Portuguesa S.A. (Portugal)

‘This course covers everything in bunkering and clarifies my questions about this subject’
Vilma Oil S.L. (Spain)



'The Bunker Arbitration Experience was unique and fantastic.'
Aegean Marine Petroleum (Greece)

'I want to thank all the participants in the mock arbitration — which I found very exciting and didactic — for their commitment and professionalism.'
M.S.B.Marine Surveyors Bureau S.A. (Panama)

'Very well organised, perfect venue and presentations.'
Hapag-Lloyd (Germany)

'It should be compulsory for everyone who is involved in shipping and the bunker industry.'
Mamidoil-Jetoil SA (Greece)



'It was a very productive and engaging meeting about very relevant subject matter in today's maritime industry.  The representatives from the industry were diverse and prompted at times heated discussion about important issues.'
Transport Research Laboratory (UK)

'A well-balanced event allowing industry, government and specialist consultants to share ideas and perspectives in an information environment.'

'Piracy is very real, rampant and becoming ever more brutal and sophisticated, and, there is nothing romantic about it!  This Forum has given many the opportunity to come together to discuss a reality that others seem to ignore.  It is an excellent platform in the battle against something that is proving to be a growing threat to commerce and an even bigger threat to many lives.'
EPSa Ltd (Germany)

'It was a great experience to meet private and public organisations and decision makers that where all stakeholders in the logistic supply chain security. The quality of the people involved made is possible to challenge ritual topics and prepare targets to achieve solutions.'
ZOCA Container Security BV (Netherlands)