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The decarbonisation of shipping is underway. With the IMO’s 2030 and 2050 targets firmly in sight and countries stepping up to put domestic clean energy transition strategies in place – many of which will impact on shipping – the momentum for maritime’s energy change is building. However, while the scale of the energy transition is beginning to be realised, how shipping and its related sectors can achieve this is still far from clear cut. While some ‘solutions’ may be ready for full commercialisation, others remain in relatively early-stage development or their viability is unproven.

What is clear, is that there are still many more questions than answers about getting to zero. In this, the first in’s series of global summits in 2021, industry leaders, practitioners, analysts and commentators will define and debate the critical questions on shipping’s decarbonisation across two days of high level panel discussions.

Alongside these sharply focused, ‘big idea’ sessions, leading technology and energy companies will also present clear and pragmatic insights into the range of fuels and propulsion solutions that look set to play a central role in shipping’s step-by-step approach to hitting zero. Realism in terms of availability, cost and GHG emissions reduction potential will be key to these presentations.

Shipping can no longer be a silo industry in its energy consumption, relying on ample supplies of ‘bottom of the barrel’ oil-based fuel. As the sector moves towards its mid-century GHG emission reduction targets, it will have to compete for its energy sources and propulsion technologies with other industries. It will also have to recognise and accommodate the decarbonisation ambitions and strategies of its many different stakeholders.

With this in mind, the summit will set the scene with a review of national future energy policies as well as the corporate strategies of the key global energy players. It will consider how maritime, national and corporate regulations on decarbonisation are developing – will these regulations align or are they heading for conflict?

It is recognised that the achievement of GHG targets will require wide and concerted cross-sector collaboration. As such, the summit will discuss the impact and scope of stakeholder input and pressure in relation shipping’s decarbonisation. It will also look at the potential cost of the energy transition and how it might be funded, and ask how shipowners and operators will be able to make ‘cleaner’ shipping commercially viable.

Shipping’s energy transition will only work if a robust and integrated supply and support infrastructure is in place on a global basis. The summit will close with a focus on the role of digitalisation in the energy ‘switchover’ and will consider how shipyards, class societies and ports can contribute towards a maritime circular economy and sustainable shipping.

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