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The Future of Port and Maritime Security

Wednesday 12 - Thursday 13 May 2021 

11:00 - 14:00 (GMT)   |   6 am EST   |   7 pm SGT   |   3 pm UAE


Day 1  - Threats/Mental health, Compliance, Military, Shipping and Port co-operation

Day 2  - Cyber, Electronic Disruption, Port & Shipping Security Case Study: Tenerife Migrancy, Aviation Synergies- lesson learned and shared with Interport Police.   



Programme details are updated regularly and are subject to change as new speakers are confirmed and themes developed.

DAY 1 - Wednesday 12 MAY


Session 1:  Keynote Speech

Lord Nicholas Fairfax

Session 2:  Threat Assessment 

A comprehensive threat assessment for shipping and ports on the key attack vectors and the active players.

Session 3:  Mental Health 

Developing the learning from the Marsec20+ session and looking at how to obtain an in-depth understanding from both ports and shipping to ensure informed advice to decision makers.

Session 4:  Gulf of Guinea 

International and local initiatives with a focus on standards for the security delivery.

Session 5:  Incident Reporting - Breaking down barriers that prevents the free flow of security incident information

How do we keep CSO's, PFSO's and CISO's informed and what are the risks of not reporting and the sharing anonymised cyber and security incidents.



DAY 2 - thursday 13 MAY


Session 6:  Electronic Disruption 

This is a rapidly developing threat with increased impact on Shipping and Ports. Learn about the new GENS (GNSS Event Notification Service), what is being discovered and why it is important to get involved.

Session 7:  Cyber Crime in the Maritime Domain

Looking at the top cyber incidents, how they damage your business and the vital steps to have in place to ensure a swift and inexpensive recovery.

Session 8:  How to Find and Invest in Effective Training to Meet IMO Regulation

CSOs, and PFSOs need to develop ship and port security plans to deliver in the ISPS requirements. How much training is done, what constitutes good training and can the ISPS plans be updated to keep them current to the constantly evolving threats?

Session 9:  What Can we Learn From Other Industries? 

Aviation security is more mature and better funded than maritime, so what problems and lessons learned translate over? Can the two industries work better together to save money and improve best practice and is regulation the cause of the disparity in investment in security?



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