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The Future of Port and Maritime Security


We look forward to welcoming you back to MarSec21+, the second instalment of our MarSec20+ conference series on the future of port and maritime security. Running across the 14th and 15th April, MarSec21+ will dig further into the transforming trends, challenges and opportunities in maritime security into the post-COVID world and beyond.

Building on the success of our inaugural MarSec20+ conference, which offered intelligent debate, lively Q&A sessions and a ream of networking opportunities to over 600 delegates, in this iteration we’re taking a deeper dive into some of the most engaging topics we explored last November, as well as breaking the ice on some new marine security and cyber security subjects.

Our programme will include:

  • Continued investigation into the core elements of port and maritime security
  • A closer inspection of the role and impact of military cooperation in risk management and aversion
  • A revisit of our breakout session on mental health as an underappreciated security risk
  • New focus on cyber security and electronic disruption to ports and shipping



As in MarSec20+, this conference is entirely free of charge for attendees and offers delegates, sponsors, and exhibitors a multifaceted virtual experience comprising the conference itself, exhibitions, and a sophisticated networking platform to support you in achieving your business goals.

Alongside the conference programme, our virtual exhibition and networking capabilities will provide our delegates, exhibitors, sponsors and supporters with a full suite of tools to engage with the entire audience for a comprehensive conferencing experience.


 ‘The sea is now a bridge – we live in a connected world’  

As Joss le Clerc of Internation Harbour Masters Association said in Marsec 20+



MarSec21+ is entirely free of charge to attend and open to everyone. You just have to register and complete your personalised profile so that you can connect with others and others can connect with you.

Please be advised – given the sensitive nature of the information which will be shared and discussed during the conference, all registrations will be subject to vetting prior to acceptance into the conference, and some registrations may be denied. If your registration is denied and you believe an error has been made, you will be supplied with the means to query this in your notification email.






MarSec21+ offers exhibition stands where companies can display their products and services, via video presentations, 1-to-1 meetings, and poster displays. Exhibitors can gather visitor data for later follow up and attendees can plan their visits and gather the information they require from each of the exhibitors.






All attendees will be able to book virtual meetings with each other, even with people they do not yet know, assisted by the MarSec21+ Ai tool that will use your personalised profile to recommend who you should meet. Everyone will be able to manage their own agendas and will have access to a resource centre, including virtual ‘shops’ where they may order books, equipment and other items. But best of all, everyone attending will be able to see who else is online and connect with them directly.









The MarSec21+ conference managed as a 50-50 joint venture between CSO Alliance and Petrospot Ltd.


Petrospot Ltd is a leading independent publishing, training and events organisation focused on the maritime, energy and transportation industries. The company is committed to building experiences and delivering opportunities for collaboration and growth across the maritime industry.

 cso alliance

CSO Alliance enables the efficient sharing of information and safe collaboration between security and risk management professionals through digital communities and industry alliances. Its mission is to reduce global criminality in international industries through improved security risk awareness.


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