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Portugal Shipping Week 2024 • Lisbon

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Web: www.portugal-shipowners.com


European Mar II, Lda. & Comandita (EUROMAR) is the exclusive partner of SDM (Sociedade de Desenvolvimento da Madeira) for the promotion and development of MAR.

EUROMAR is a privately held company acting as a local representative providing support to international shipping companies who – or intend to – operate ships under the Portuguese flag, homeport Madeira, in all areas, both at a national and international level.

EUROMAR is a Portuguese entity based in Funchal, Madeira Island, with further operating offices in Lisbon, Hamburg and Athens. Its services are divided into three main departments – Registration, Maritime and Seafarers, offering a 24/7 hour service to its clients.

Each department is composed of a team with substantial expertise in ship registration, mortgage recordation, maritime and crew operations, acting as the link between the shipowners, the Portuguese Maritime Administration (DGRM), the Technical Commission of MAR, the Portuguese consular network worldwide, and the Private Commercial Registry Office and Notary’s Office of Madeira Free Trade Zone.

Web: www.eu-registry.com






Port of Lisbon

Web: www.portodelisboa.pt






APP is a non-profit association, created in 1991, with the objective of being a forum for debate and exchange of information on matters of common interest to ports and maritime transport. Its mission is to promote the development and modernisation of the national Port System. APP aims to defend national ports and improve their integration into national and international transport and logistics systems, intensifying the work of collaboration, cooperation and coordination between ports and port authorities, especially in the various technical areas of port management, ensure the continuity of support for APLOP – Portuguese-speaking Ports Association and carry out studies and projects of common interest to the members.

Web: www.portosdeportugal.pt






Galp is a company with a strong presence throughout the energy value chain. A reference player in all markets where it operates, Galp is a strong and reliable brand, with a growing presence in the main global indices that measure the financial performance and the best practices and sustainability of the industry. Starting from one of the most efficient and resilient upstream portfolios in the sector, Galp is accelerating its renewable energy business to fulfill its ambition of becoming carbon neutral by 2050. We are already one of the leading producers of solar energy in the Iberian Peninsula, market leaders in electric mobility in Portugal and we are positioning ourselves to leverage all opportunities in the sale of renewable electricity, in renewable fuels or in the value chains of hydrogen and batteries for electric vehicles.

Web: www.galp.com







Eltronic FuelTech A/S is a global engineering company, working for a zero-emission maritime industry. We develop and produce high- and low-pressure fuel systems that enable vessels to operate on greener, alternative fuels, including methanol and ammonia, while maintaining a safe and reliable operation.
We provide life cycle services and support wherever your business takes you. We achieve this through our global presence and a team of dedicated professionals committed to your success.

Web: https://eltronicfueltech.com

GTT (Gaztransport & Technigaz)

GTT is a technology and engineering group, expert in containment systems with cryogenic membranes used to transport and store liquefied gas, in particular LNG (Liquefied Natural Gas). For 60 years, GTT has been maintaining reliable relationships with all stakeholders of the gas industry (shipyards, ship- owners, gas companies, terminal operators, classification societies).

The company designs and provides technologies which combine operational efficiency and safety, to equip LNG carriers, floating terminals, and multi- gas carriers. GTT also develops solutions dedicated to land storage and to the use of LNG as fuel for the vessel propulsion, as well as a full range of services.

Web: www.gtt.fr


We’re a leading international provider of classification, compliance and consultancy services to the marine and offshore industry, helping our clients design, construct and operate their assets to the highest levels of safety and performance, using our expertise and over 260 years’ experience to deliver the smart solution for everyone.

Web: www.lr.org


PRIO, based within the Port of Aveiro, is the largest producer of biofuels in Portugal and one of largest producers of biodiesel from waste in Europe. Born in 2006, PRIO operates more than 250 filling stations from north to south of Portugal, which represents approximately 10% of market share. PRIO was the first player to launch and make available in its stations ECO Diesel, a product with 15% biodiesel content, which allows up to 18% CO2 emission savings. To supply its stations, PRIO operates a liquid bulk terminal, side by side with its biodiesel plant.
With a crucial role facilitating the decarbonization of the automotive sector, PRIO is already at the forefront of maritime sector energy transition, being physical suppliers in Aveiro and able to supply in all Portuguese ports. Apart from the traditional fossil solutions, PRIO controls the entire production of its sustainable marine products, being able to adjust the renewable content according to the client’s needs, from 1% to 100% biodiesel.

Web: www.prio.pt/en


Headquartered in Portugal, with a global reach and more than 25 years, TecnoVeritas provides engineering solutions and services for industry and marine industry.
Focussed on emissions and energy management, we have a strong track record of delivering solutions, combining innovation and knowledge.
We manufacture and supply world-class power and energy management solutions for the marine industry and industry. These solutions can be tailored to the needs of the client.
Our company also has a wide range of advanced engineering capabilities and services for the marine industry and industry. Our specialized services: energy, environmental and mechanical engineering are certified with ISO 9001.

Web: www.tecnoveritas.net


We were the pioneers of marine fuel testing in 1981, plus bunker quantity surveys in 1987 and very quickly became established as a world-leading partner to the maritime industry. Before the International Marine Fuel Testing Standard, ISO8217, was introduced in 1987, we were already global-leaders in marine fuel quality testing and 40 years on, remain so to this day.

From the introduction of IMO MARPOL Annex VI in 2005, environmental legislation aimed at reducing SOx, NOx and Particulate-Matter emissions has driven many developments in marine fuels and lubricants, with our innovations providing valued-solutions to the world’s shipping fleet.

To achieve a sustainable shipping industry, attention is now focused on reducing CO2 and greenhouse gas emissions over the next 30 years and we are at the forefront in fuel and oil advisory testing services supporting the maritime sector to achieve these goals.

 Web: www.vpsveritas.com


Since 2004, YILPORT has been on a journey to bring worldclass terminal services in its home country of Türkiye. Founded by Chairman Robert Yüksel YILDIRIM, the success story began at YILPORT Gebze and has since expanded to deliver a high standard of service worldwide.

In August 2011, YILPORT Holding Inc. was established as a subsidiary of YILDIRIM Group, becoming the first terminal and port operator holding company in Türkiye. Today, YILPORT Holding operates 24 marine ports and terminals across the globe, including 5 in Türkiye, 7 in Portugal, 2 in Spain, 2 in Sweden, 1 in Peru, 1 in Croatia, 1 in Malta, 1 in Italy, 1 in Norway, 1 in Ecuador, 1 in Guatemala and 1 in Ghana. In addition, YILPORT operates 8 dry terminals, 5 in Türkiye, 1 in Sweden and 1 in Ghana.

With a vision to create world-class, multipurpose facilities on an international scale, YILPORT Holding is driven by its growth strategy to become a top 10 global container terminal operator by 2030. This ambition is set to revolutionize the industry and provide businesses with the highest quality of service.

Web: www.yilport.com






Headquartered in Portugal, with a global reach and more than 25 years, TecnoVeritas provides engineering solutions and services for industry and marine industry.
Focussed on emissions and energy management, we have a strong track record of delivering solutions, combining innovation and knowledge.
We manufacture and supply world-class power and energy management solutions for the marine industry and industry. These solutions can be tailored to the needs of the client.
Our company also has a wide range of advanced engineering capabilities and services for the marine industry and industry. Our specialized services: energy, environmental and mechanical engineering are certified with ISO 9001.

Web: www.tecnoveritas.net






 Escola Superior Náutica Infante D. Henrique

Escola Superior Náutica Infante D. Henrique

Web: www.enautica.pt

Lisnave shipyard

Port of Setúbal

Web: www.portodesetubal.pt






Web: https://forumoceano.pt



IBIA is the voice of the global bunker industry and represents all stakeholders across the industry value chain. Our membership includes ship owners/operators, bunker suppliers, traders, brokers, barging companies, storage companies, surveyors, port authorities, credit reporting companies, lawyers, P&I clubs, equipment manufacturers, shipping journalists and marine consultants. Today we have members in more than 80 countries.

IBIA represents the industry at the International Maritime Organization (IMO) as a consultative non-governmental organisation. IBIA was represented on the Expert Panel in 2007 which reported to IMO about the implications of proposed revisions to MARPOL Annex VI. IBIA attends all meetings of the Marine Environment Protection Committee (MEPC), the Maritime Safety Committee (MSC) and a number of Sub-Committees.

Web: www.ibia.net


WISTA Portugal is the Portuguese national association and part of WISTA International, sharing its vision, mission and aims.
WISTA is an international networking organisation for female managers in the shipping industry, currently with over 50 national associations and over 3,500 members.
The main aims of WISTA Portugal are to promote the sustainable development of the Portuguese shipping cluster nationally and internationally by growing the professional network of women at decision-making levels, bringing together industry specialists and developing relationships between them for mutual collaboration through knowledge.
WISTA strongly encourages women of all ages to join not only the maritime sector onshore, but also to go to sea, to experience life on-board, whatever is their passion. The association tries to share its knowledge and view of this diverse sector with many opportunities in all areas, whether at a management level, administrative, management, services and legal areas, to interact with national and international entities and learn about the industry.

Web: https://wistainternational.com/association/wista-portugal/






Daily Offer of jobs into the maritime, port and logistics sectors. News, Vessels, Companies, Ports, Customs, Events …
Envíenos sus ofertas de trabajo y las publicaremos completamente GRATIS en un medio profesional y especializado.

Send us your job offers and will publish totally FREE in our professional and specialized media.

Web: www.actualidadmp.com 



Bunkerspot is published by Petrospot Limited, a dynamic publishing and events company focused on providing information resources for the transportation, energy and maritime industries.

Bunkerspot is a key source of quality information for all professionals working in the international bunker industry. Our aim is to provide a comprehensive, accurate – and always independent – view of the multi-faceted global marine fuels industry.

The bi-monthly Bunkerspot magazine focuses on the technical, operational, commercial, environmental and legal aspects of bunkering, and also keeps its readers up to speed on innovations and trends in vessel and fuel efficiency technologies. This high profile and well respected publications is written by experienced bunker journalists and a team of top industry experts.

In addition to receiving Bunkerspot magazine and gaining full access to the news website and archive, a premier subscription package includes a log-in to the Bunkerspot Price Index.

The Bunkerspot Price Index offers spot bunker prices in over 350 ports, updated daily and with easy to see tracked price changes.

Web: www.bunkerspot.com


Cleaner Seas is an online publication that covers the whole range of marine environmental issues and legislation, ranging from matters such as oil pollution prevention to control of funnel emissions and from the dumping of rubbish to use of antifoulings. It is produced with the active assistance and support of the major maritime organisations.

Cleaner Seas has three main objectives: to keep shipping decision makers up to date with environmental issues, to inform a wider readership of what action is already being taken by shipping to prevent environmental damage and to project a balanced view of the industry’s environmental record, which is far better than the tabloid press would have us believe.

Web: www.cleanerseas.com


Energy Business Review is a print and online magazine that provides readers with a 360-degree view of the energy ecosystem. The magazine covers the entire spectrum of the energy community, which includes various energy companies and many more. Our subscribers include Senior Research Scientist, SVP Drilling & Well, Chief Engineers - Drilling & Completion, Drilling Contractors, Geologist/Geophysicist, Project Heads, VP Refinery Operations, Director- Oil & Gas Exploration and Production, GVP Strategy & Sustainability, Rig Owners and many other senior decision-makers from the energy sectors.

Web: www.energybusinessreview.com


Energy Tech Review is a guardian angel in this concern, assisting the service providers and business people to choose from the vast pool of enterprises who have worked in the energy sector to bring positive changes in our environment. Energy Tech Review aggregates the brightest minds, opinions, analyses, the latest technologies, and the most mind-boggling arguments about the critical issues that exist in the energy sector.

Web: energytechreview.com


GreenEconomy.Media is a media company focused on policy, thought leadership, best practice, technology and innovation in the green economy in South Africa and regionally. Our aim is to facilitate sustainable growth by bringing together businesses with providers of products and services, information, capital and other resources through an innovative distribution omni-channel. We believe that once presented with knowledge and information, decision-makers will make the right choices.

Our content communicates the fundamental issues and facilitates the action needed for a more environmentally responsible production into the future. We aspire to advance the green economy by creating powerful, responsive and measurable media platforms that deliver insight and intelligence on all sustainable matters; as well as unparalleled access to buyers and sellers of green economy-related goods and services.

The sectors that we include infrastructure and building, energy, technology, food and agriculture, mobility, business and industry, mining as well as water and waste.

Web: greeneconomy.media


The Industry Events platform enables collaboration between the world's professionals, enterprises, and academia through access to high-quality events and training across all industry verticals. Every day new speaking, business and sponsorship opportunities are discovered through the global Industry Events website and apps.

Web: www.industryevents.com


El Periódico marítimo-portuario de España. Infopuertos es una plataforma multicanal cuyo objetivo la información del sector marítimo portuario español.

Creemos en la información veraz y objetiva, en el periodismo que construye. Creemos en el mar y los puertos como motores del desarrollo económico de las regiones donde están ubicados. Creemos en las organizaciones, empresas y personas que desarrollan su actividad profesional en este sector marítimo-portuario, día a día, contribuyendo a darle valor.

Nuestro suplemento finacialports.com además está especializado exclusivamente en la información económica del sector marítimo-portuario.

The maritime-port newspaper of Spain. Infopuertos is a multichannel platform whose objective is to provide information on the Spanish maritime port sector.

We believe in truthful and objective information, in the journalism that builds. We believe in the sea and ports as engines of economic development of the regions where they are located. We believe in the organizations, companies and people who carry out their professional activity in this maritime-port sector, day by day, contributing to giving it value.

Our supplement finacialports.com also specializes exclusively in economic information on the maritime-port sector.

Web: infopuertos.com


MABUX’s goal is to rationalise the bunker industry by focusing the necessary information on the one website – www.mabux.com / new.mabux.com - is a one-stop website! The site is tailor-made for the marine bunker industry: it gives the user all the necessary tools to be able to assess the market.

It starts with Oil Exchanges, ICE and NYMEX, publishing the so-called ‘Oil Futures’ feature gives the user an idea of what is actually happening in the oil market at any particular moment. Oil Future also gives an indication of the forthcoming day’s spot bunker price development.

The Spot Bunker Market is updated continuously throughout the day. The Oil Future-Connect prices, which includes information from a number of major ports, are updated every minute during trading hours. These prices are visible parallel together with the Physical Market Indications, and give an early Price Warning as to which way the bunker market is heading. As from this year 2019 the site is also featuring if the bunker market is OVERCHARGING or UNDERCHARGING. A very popular tool, which gives the market players something to take into consideration.

Web: www.mabux.com


Based at the world’s largest bunkering port, Singapore bunkering publication Manifold Times (www.manifoldtimes.com) is recognised as the leading reference for information regarding the Asian marine fuels sector; as the only independent bunkering publication operating in Asia – with expansion to China during 2023 (www.manifoldtimes.com.cn) – we offer clients a unique gateway to enter the regional market.

 Web: manifoldtimes.com


 Relied upon by shipowners, financiers, investors, ship managers, brokers, lawyers and accountants for the past 30 years, Marine Money International is constantly bridging the gap between shipowners and the international capital markets. Our publications, forums, books and other services are driven by a set of common goals: to make you money, save you money and provide you with access to investment opportunities and capital.

Web: www.marinemoney.com


MaritimeInfomed.com is a leading news, analysis and information website serving the maritime industry. Alongside up-to-date news, expert editorial analysis, and comprehensive company and events directories, the site boasts a unique, comparative database of products, covering ships’ equipment and fittings; navigation, communication and electronics; and operation and maintenance. The site also offers detailed coverage of the latest technology and market trends in hot topics such as the blue economy, regulations and environmental issues. With its depth and breadth of content, MaritimeInformed.com aspires to be the definitive resource for the maritime sector.

Web: https://www.maritimeinformed.com


MundoMaritimo is one of the most important sources of information for the shipping industry in Latin America, covering all sectors of the maritime industry including Ports and Terminals, Containers, Shipping Lines, Dry Bulk, Chartering and their users of the port and transport chain.

Web: mundomaritimo.cl


Renewables Now is a business information provider for renewable energy professionals. We deliver a live news wire covering established and emerging renewable energy markets and the latest trends from across the globe. On Renewablesnow.com you can read over 600 news each month, access our fully searchable archive running 12 years back and follow the hottest topics including hydrogen, corporate PPAs and M&A deals.

Web: renewablesnow.com



Robban Assafina, the regional maritime media platform has been sailing in the maritime reporting and networking since 2009, with direct connections to regional and international decision makers, who ensured a high level of participation, and still, in all accomplished activities and events.
Robban Assafina is keen to provide an effective yard for access, exchange of maritime knowledge and networking. With our progressive and synergistic maritime approach, we are able to offer distinguished themes and new directions for you to navigate your course safely and seek the best opportunities for your business development.
Robban Assafina, the unique maritime MENA publication, website, and smart phones’ application, is a regional intensive maritime media services developed side by side with training courses/workshops in several countries in the Middle East and North Africa Region, with a specialized crew of maritime experts, masters & engineers, who focus directly on shipping, shipbuilding, ships, ports, offshore, and everything related to the world of marine navigation, communication and machineries.

Web: www.assafinaonline.com


ship.energy tracks the maritime sector’s journey towards a decarbonised future. The platform gives shipping industry stakeholders the opportunity to learn more about cleaner marine fuels and propulsion technologies and to take part in the growing debate over how shipping and the bunker sector can actively and fully participate in the marine energy transition to zero emissions.

Published by Petrospot Limited, ship.energy is the go-to information hub for news, longer reads, interviews, and expert comment on new fuels, technologies and vessel efficiency. It also encourages and facilitates dynamic information exchange, allowing shipping and bunkering stakeholders to engage with energy and technology providers through polls, surveys, blogs, podcasts, and online discussions.

Sign up for FREE instant access.

Web: https://ship.energy


Headquartered in Dubai, The Maritime Standard (TMS) produces a fortnightly e-newsletter which is aimed at business leaders in the shipping, ports, transportation and logistics sectors, as well as the wider maritime technology and services communities. It is delivered regularly on the 1st and 15th of every month, and offers an insightful, clearly written news digest focusing on developments in the Middle East and the Indian Subcontinent primarily. Over the course of more than 200 editions, the publication has built up the largest readership of any shipping-related online newsletter in the region. It has also raised its profile in other major shipping hubs, such as Oslo, Hamburg, Singapore, London, and Greece, where it has a growing number of readers.

Topics that are regularly covered in The Maritime Standard include tanker shipping, container operations, dry and liquid bulk trades, ro-ro, and cruise shipping. In addition, readers can find up to date information about regional terminal operations; port development; classification; ship repair and conversion; shipbuilding; ship agency; finance and insurance; maritime law; and transportation & logistics. The newsletter, which celebrates its tenth anniversary in 2023, carries exclusives, analysis and interviews with top executives to add value to the publication.

Web: themaritimestandard.com







Petrospot is an independent publishing, training and events organisation focused on the maritime, energy and transportation industries.

Based in Oxfordshire, England, Petrospot was established in May 2003 by Llewellyn Bankes-Hughes (Managing Director). He is supported by Lesley Bankes-Hughes (Director of Publishing/Executive Editor) and backed by a highly professional team.

It delivers the highest quality strategic information in the most comprehensive and convenient formats – via magazines, websites and books, or face to face in conferences, exhibitions, seminars and training courses.

Petrospot works very closely with government and industry in many countries and organises some of the biggest, most popular and prestigious shipping and bunkering events in the world. In the marine fuels sector, Petrospot organises events as diverse as: Maritime Week Americas, Maritime Week Africa, Maritime Week Gibraltar, Maritime Week Las Palmas, Portugal Shipping Week, the Middle East Bunkering Convention and ARACON. The Petrospot Academy runs a range of well-respected training courses and in-house training around the world, including the Oxford Bunker Course, BunkerExperience and An Introduction to Shipping. Petrospot also co-owns and runs London International Shipping Week.




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