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MarSec21+ Virtual Conference • FREE

The Future of Port and Maritime Security

Wednesday 26 - Thursday 27 May 2021 

11:00 - 14:00 (BST)   |   6 am EST   |   7 pm SGT   |   3 pm UAE

Day 1  - Threats/Mental health, Compliance, Military, Shipping and Port co-operation

Day 2  - Cyber, Electronic Disruption, Port & Shipping Security Case Study: Tenerife Migrancy, Aviation Synergies- lesson learned and shared with Interport Police.   


Programme details are updated regularly and are subject to change as new speakers are confirmed and themes developed.


DAY 1 - Wednesday 26 MAY

Session 1:  Welcome

Keynote Speech: Lord Nicholas Fairfax

Session 2:  Threat Assessment and Building Resilience 

Exploring the global risk landscape and its effects on CEOs, CSOs, PFSOs, and CISOs with insights into how to build the vital resiliency required in Ports and Shipping.  

Moderator: Mark Sutcliffe, CSO Alliance

  • Nigel Somerville MBE MC, Deputy Head Marsh Advisory, Marsh
  • James Crask, Senior Vice President, Head of Resilience Advisory, Marsh

Session 3:  Incident Reporting - breaking down barriers that prevents the free flow of security incident information

How can incident reporting help CSOs, PFSOs, and CISOs to make better decisions? What are the implications of not reporting incidents? How can anonymity help in sharing cyber and security incidents?

Moderator: Mark Sutcliffe, CSO Alliance

  • Walter Wilson, CISM, CISS, Information Security Manager, V.Group
  • Jeroen van Overloop, Policy Advisor, Maritime Security, Belgian Government 
  • Katerina Raptaki, Digital Transformation, Cyber Security and e-Governance specialist Navios Group of Companies BoD Member, A.M.M.I.T.E.C.
  • Daniel Ng, CEO, CyberOwl

Session 4:  Maritime Cybersecurity Legal, Consulting, and Technical Challenges

Cyber impacts all parts of the organisation, but typically legal, insurance and IT most of all. How do you address due diligence, deal with the liability from restricted insurance cover and deal with the myriad of technical challenges?   

Moderator: Simon Osborne, CSO Alliance

  • Rick Tiene, VP of Smart Cities, Mission Secure 
  • Julian Clark, Global Senior Partner, Ince 

Session 5: Gulf of Guinea

International and local perspectives and providing security across borders in the region. 

Moderator: Simon Osborne, CSO Alliance

  • Dr Axel Klein, Project Coordinator, EU SWAIMS
  • Dimitris Maniatis, Chief Commercial Officer, Seagull Maritime Security
  • Speaker TBC, Nimasa

Session 6:  Mental Health

Drawing from the Marsec20+ session on mental health, we need accurate data to fully understand the issues and importantly help direct IMO Policy. We will review the initiatives at work, underlining urgency and importance of this work in both ports and shipping. 

Moderator: Dr Risto Tallas, Portsmouth University

  • Yoss Leclerc, President, International Harbour Masters Association
  • Emmanolia Kolias, Sales Director Marketplace, Crew Care App, Safebridge - Mintra
  • Tom Jenkins AFNI, Deputy Director, Investigations Department, The Bahamas Maritime Authority  



DAY 2 - thursday 27 MAY

Session 7:  Digital Transformation to the Cloud - identifying the risks and maximising the opportunities 

Innovations in technology are essentially born out of three necessities: efficiency, ease, and safety. But what are the emerging risk to your company in the digitised world. Digi2al and UKCloud work with governments, militaries, and the private sector so you will be able to tune into cutting edge guidance. 

Moderator: Mark Sutcliffe, CSO Alliance

  • Colin Campbell, CEO, Digi2al
  • John Godwin, Director of Compliance & IA, UKCloud

Session 8:  Electronic Interference, Jamming and Spoofing in Maritime Operations 

This is a rapidly developing threat with increased impact on Shipping and Ports. Learn about the new GENS (GNSS Event Notification Service), what is being discovered and why it is important to understand this new risk and get involved. 

Moderator: Mark Sutcliffe, CSO Alliance

  • Inspector David Sanderson, UK NPCC Lead for Disruptive Technologies
  • Steve Hancock, Principal Scientist (GNSS), Ordnance Survey (OS)
  • Steve Vance, Director in Space Defence and Intelligence Division, CGI UK

Session 9:  Addressing Vessel and Port Cyber Security

Cybersecurity is not 'set and forget', it is a process that requires solutions that considers the entire life cycle. Insights from Industrial white-hat penetration tester, solutions to protect the network, 24/7 monitoring and analysis, with incident response and recovery. 

Moderator: Simon Osborne, CSO Alliance 

  • Rick Tiene, VP of Smart Cities, Mission Secure 
  • Weston Hecker, Lead Cyber Evangelist & Ethical Hacker, Mission Secure
  • Julian Clark, Global Senior Partner, Ince 

Session 10:  What can we learn from other industries? 

Aviation security is more mature and better funded than maritime, so what problems and lessons learned can be translated over? Can the two industries work better together to save money and improve best practice and is regulation the cause of the disparity in investment in security?

Moderator: Simon Osborne, CSO Alliance 

  • Mark 'Bruce' Roberts MBE MLitt, Global Security Advisor, InterPort Police
  • Etienne Klein, Sales Manager, Airbus Defence and Space

Session 11:  How do you find and invest in effective training to meet IMO Regulation?

CSOs and PFSOs need to develop ship and port security plans to deliver in the ISPS requirements. How much training is done, what constitutes good training and can the ISPS plans be updated to keep them current to the constantly evolving threats? 

Moderator: Mark Sutcliffe, CSO Alliance

  • Captain Michael Brown, Chief, Office of International & Domestic Port Security, US Coastguard
  • Mourad Ghorbel, Technical Officer for the Maritime Safety Division, International Maritime Organization (IMO)
  • Richard Hussey, Managing Director, Wavetrain


  • Marsh
  • Ince
  • Mission Secure
  • CGI
  • Digi2al
  • Mintra-Safebridge
  • Cyberowl

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