Rig Basics - How to look after your mast, rigging and sails

  • Authors Kim Skov-Nielsen
  • Language English
  • Published First Edition. 2012
  • ISBN 978-1-908663-01-6

Rig Basics – How to Look After Your Mast, Rigging and Sails, is Petrospot’s first foray into the sailing and yachting sector. Written by Kim Skov-Nielsen, a hugely experienced round-the-world yachtsman and active marine surveyor, this book provides a concise, informative and clearly-written outline of what an owner or operator must take into consideration when looking after the mast, rigging and sails. It is also a highly useful guide to what a surveyor should be looking at when surveying a rig.

Kim Skov-Nielsen has worked full-time in the marine industry since 1979, primarily as a yacht skipper and ocean racer. He has sailed over 150,000 blue water miles worldwide, amassing a wide range of valuable experience including building boats, sailing them around the world, being bosun on a 12-metre yacht in the America’s Cup and taking on the role of project manager at America’s Cup and Whitbread Round the World Race level.

Kim holds a long and impressive list of surveying, yachting and other qualifications. He is also an expert witness in UK jurisprudence.

Read more about Kim Skov-Nielsen's fasinating life and marine experiences here 


The Report – The Magazine of The International Institute of Marine Surveying


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Latest Reviews
Tom Cunliffe
This book is long overdue and, to be blunt, no skipper putting to sea across the bar should be without it.' Tom Cunliffe, yachtsman, journalist and author http://www.tomcunliffe.com/2012/08/29/nautical-book-corner-books-i-enjoy-2/
Kim Skov-Nielsen
'Get to know your rig – don’t just assume it is up there. Inspect it often. Work out a safe system and climb the rig often. Take your camera with you and take photos instead of notes. Keep a rig log. It is not good enough to inspect the rig from the deck with binoculars – someone has to climb up.' Kim Skov-Nielsen, professional yachtsman and marine surveyor
Harold Cudmore
‘Kim trained with us on Americas Cup Class yachts. He has raced and sailed professionally worldwide, and his experience enables him to explain rig issues clearly. This book is a must read for every owner and crew’ Harold Cudmore, yacht racing skipper and match racer
William Howden
‘As we say in the Olympics, “safety is no accident!”. This book provides a complete and simple guide to getting you back to the dock safely with your mast in one piece’ William Howden, Olympic Games and America’s Cup yachtsman
Tom Cunliffe
‘Just out is Kim Skov-Nielsen’s book called, ‘Rig Basics’. I was so taken with this slim volume that I agreed to write a foreword for it. I really believe that no skipper should put to sea without it. It covers every aspect of rig maintenance and we’ll all be a lot safer and happier with it on board.’ Tom Cunliffe, yachtsman, journalist and author