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Running a Marine Survey Company

  • Authors Mike Wall
  • Language English
  • Published First Edition. 2015
  • ISBN 978-1-908663-20-7

Running a Marine Survey Company is essential reading for all marine surveyors who really want to know what it is like to start a business from scratch. For those who are already marine surveyors but who still wonder why the competition is doing better than they are, this book is also indispensable. For those who are already running a successful business, this guide provides a useful reality check.

Drawing on his extensive experience as a marine surveyor, Mike Wall navigates the reader through the processes involved in setting up a new company. Using a clear and effective step-by-step approach, he looks at all the key areas that should be addressed – and also flags up issues and potential problems that the owner of a start-up company may have overlooked.

The book covers areas such as company structure, financial management, and personnel management. It addresses in detail the role of the employer, the employee interview process, contracts of employment, and working practices.

A comprehensive section on operations looks at quality assurance, conformance, database management, filing and archiving systems. Issues such as marketing, branding, insurance provision, client relations, ethics, and codes of conduct are fully explained, and Mike Wall also outlines strategies a new company may consider in terms of building and developing its position in a highly competitive market place.

The book also includes information on training programmes and career development for marine surveyors, as well as a detailed analysis of the activities and advice provided by professional associations.

Setting up a new company can be a time-consuming, costly and often fraught process.  Running a Marine Survey Company provides the would-be entrepreneur with an invaluable guide to the challenges and opportunities he will meet in establishing and growing his business.

About the author

Mike Wall is a vastly experienced marine surveyor and lecturer in maritime studies. He is the author of Report Writing for Marine Surveyors, published by Petrospot, and Hatch Covers – Operation, Testing and Maintenance, published by Witherby Seamanship International.

Purchasers of this title can also receive the Appendices separately in PDF format.  



The Report – The Magazine of The International Institute of Marine Surveying


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Latest Reviews
Ian Biles
For those who really want to know what it is like to start a business from scratch, as a Marine Surveyor this is essential reading. For those who are already Marine Surveyors but who still wonder why the competition is doing better than they are, this is essential reading. For those who are already successfully running a Marine Surveying business this is essential reading because it is a reality check for all. Mike tackles all of the difficult areas such as ethics, sales, conduct and time management head on with advice collected from the experience of having been there. For anyone involved in our business this book has been long overdue. - Master Mariner, BEng (Hons), MA, CEng, CMarEng
Jeffrey Casciani-Wood
I have read Mike's book several times and think it an excellent work and ideal for anybody starting out from the beginning and also equally highly suitable for an experienced surveyor who wants to expand or improve his business. I found the sections on training, experience and how to start particularly interesting. Also of great use was the section on finances - usually the bugbear that many otherwise competent people find the most difficult to control and understand. The book gives the reader a good understanding of the pros and cons of that aspect of the profession and enables him or her to know about and understand the difficulties before launching into the deep. I would certainly recommend the book to anybody considering starting his or her own marine surveying company and I think that it fills a large gap in the literature on marine surveying.
Lionnel Parant
I bought this book three days ago via the Petrospot website and I confirm that it is an excellent book: clear, useful, pragmatic, professional, documented,... with examples and advice. It completes the book written by John Guy (Marine Surveying and Consultancy) usefully. I had bought and liked the book "Report Writing for Marine Surveyors" written by Mike Wall, so I didn't hesitate to buy his new book "Running a Marine Survey Company" - Naval Engineer and Surveyor.
An excellent and very useful book.
Capt. Reuben Lanfranco
An excellent book, not only for beginners in the business but for all those who aim at being more quality oriented in their profession. Written in a style all could understand, typical of Mike Wall's publications. A "must have" for all Surveyors!