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Report Writing for Marine Surveyors

  • Authors Mike Wall
  • Language English
  • Published First Edition. 2011
  • ISBN 978-0-9548097-7-5

Report Writing for Marine Surveyors is a valuable addition to the body of information available to marine surveyors. It is of particular value to new entrants to this global industry for whom writing detailed, accurate and concise survey reports is an essential job requirement.

Every marine surveyor, whatever age or level of experience, will find the advice, guidelines and practical examples supplied in this handy-sized book helpful. It will also help him better understand the importance of effective evidence gathering and the report writing process.

This book explains the essentials of good report writing and explains how to prepare reports in a format readers can follow logically.

Report Writing for Marine Surveyors is full of helpful diagrams and charts which are designed to illustrate every aspect of the marine surveying process likely to be encountered. Different types of report format, which may be used as templates, are included in the appendices.

Whether the reader is already an experienced marine surveyor or is about to enter the profession, this is one book which he should keep within reach.

About the Author

Mike Wall is a vastly experienced marine surveyor and lecturer in maritime studies.

He has gained 25 years experience in hull, machinery, cargo and pleasure craft surveying in the United States of America, New Zealand, Fiji and South East Asia.

Mike is the author of Hatch Covers - Operation, Testing and Maintenance published by Witherby Seamanship International.


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Latest Reviews
The Report
‘The attention to detail in all the author’s subjects is very good indeed. Whether you are already an experienced marine surveyor or are about to enter the profession, this is one book that should be considered and kept within easy reach and used as a reference book on a regular basis, especially for the newly qualified marine surveyor.’ The Report, International Institute of Marine Surveying
‘Wall makes helpful suggestions on presenting the information and warns surveyors that, in a consultative role, “you are only as good as your last opinion”.’ Fairplay
‘With a downturn in officer training during the 1980s and 90s now creating a shortage of marine surveyors, this book will serve as a good foundation for those coming into the market, and the extensive set of template survey reports included as appendices will provide a solid framework on which to develop their skills.’ Nautilus International Telegraph
‘Marine surveyors/reviewers have described this as a “must have” book on their shelves, ideal to help a new surveyor learn his craft.’ Marine Technology, Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers (SNAME)
The Maritime Advocate
This rare addition to the library of marine surveyors comes from the efforts of Mike Wall who is well known in the online world for the zine he publishes for the profession called Flashlight. We had a small hand in the gestation of the book --performing slight service as a marriage broker between these aspiring publishers and Mike. The book is heavily accentuated in favour of the practical and the demonstrable. There are lots of illustrations, forms and templates which ought to tempt the tyros to acquire a copy and plenty of words for more senior surveyors on such subjects as discovery, evidence, t&cs, insurance, limiting liability and copyright. The kinds of work a marine surveyor may be called to do, from prepurchase condition surveys to simple box damage claims are all considered and illustrated. At 320 pages the book certainly covers a lot of ground.