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Legal Issues in Bunkering

  • Authors Trevor Harrison
  • Language English
  • Published First Edition. 2011
  • ISBN 978-0-954809-76-8

This comprehensive book provides a wealth of information on the key legal aspects of bunkering including contracts, defaults, ship arrest and dispute resolution; there is also a section dealing with international conventions and national legislation on environmental issues relevant to bunkering.

Whilst not intended as a substitute for detailed legal advice, this book will help the reader understand legal matters and point him in the right direction should professional help be required.

Legal Issues in Bunkering will help the reader to avoid expensive legal mistakes and show him where to turn when things go wrong. It should be kept on the desk of every trader and broker, owner and charterer, and maritime lawyer, arbitrator, regulator and government agency.

Legal Issues in Bunkering covers issues that one might expect to find in a volume ten times larger, distilling the salient points and summarising the more arcane bits.

It is extremely unusual to find a book that not only covers some of the rudiments of maritime law but does so in a light, simple and amusing style that not only engages the reader but also leaves him better informed and eager to learn more.

About The Author
Trevor Harrison qualified as a barrister over 30 years ago and now practises as a maritime arbitrator, mediator and legal consultant with a particular expertise in bunkering. Before becoming Principal Legal Advisor to Tramp Oil & Marine in 1984, he practised at the English Bar, worked for a P&I club and a firm of marine consultants.



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Latest Reviews
Jonathan Lux
‘I am delighted to recommend it to anyone with an interest in the law relating to bunkers and bunkering and to those who have an interest in steering clear of the many legal pitfalls that can beset the global bunker industry.’ Jonathan Lux, Partner, Ince & Co
Maritime Executive
‘Legal Issues in Bunkering by barrister and legal consultant Trevor Harrison offers a fascinating and highly accessible overview of the key legal aspects of bunkering. It is an indispensable information tool.’ The Maritime Executive
Maritime Advocate
‘It is the sort of book an aspiring P&I Club, trade body or classification society ought to have brought out to help their clients or members, but haven’t owing to the disciplines of cost accounting and the dictates of lean management. We wish Mr Harrison and the publishers well with this book and recommend it to our readers as a worthwhile primer for the legion who should know more and for the cadre of executives whose grip on the subject has over time slackened somewhat owing to pressure of work.’ The Maritime Advocate