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Essays in Admiralty

  • Authors Jean Chiazor Anishere Princpal Counsel, Jean Chiazor & Co. (Ofianyi Chambers), Lagos, Nigeria
  • Language English
  • Published First Edition. 2012
  • ISBN 978-0-9548097-9-9

Essays in Admiralty is a bold attempt to shine some light onto the many aspects of international shipping and maritime law that particularly affect Nigeria and West Africa.

Based upon a collection of essays, speeches and articles written by one of Nigeria's foremost maritime lawyers, this book provides an interesting background for those involved in maritime law, especially in West Africa.

Armed with a considerable collection of degrees and international awards, Jean Chiazor Anishere is one of the industry's most charismatic leaders. She has enjoyed a long and productive career in the legal profession in Nigeria and played a major role in the country's government and non-governmental maritime organisations, including the Nigerian Chamber of Shipping.


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Latest Reviews
Louis Nnamdi Mbanefo
‘Essays in Admiralty is an important addition to the growing body of publications on maritime law and practice in Nigeria. Jean Chiazor Anishere’s book goes beyond academic treatise; it is also a manual which should be kept at the side of everybody connected with the shipping industry.’ Louis Nnamdi Mbanefo, President of the Nigerian Maritime Law Association
James Brewer
‘Africa’s fast growing role in global shipping, energy and trading makes it essential for practitioners around the world to immerse themselves in the outlook for, and from, the continent. A new book by one of the most charismatic maritime industry leaders in the sector – a foremost lawyer in Nigeria – offers vital pointers for understanding the African lexicon.’ James Brewer, www.allaboutshipping.co.uk
Nautilus Int's Telegrap
‘Essays in Admiralty provides a timely and bold attempt to shine some light onto the many aspects of international shipping and maritime law that particularly affects Nigeria and west Africa.’ Nautilus International's Telegraph
Chamber of Shipping
‘Jean Chiazor Anishere’s new book – Essays in Admiralty – provides a lucid and engaging account of crucial aspects of the high stakes in the maritime industry. Congratulations!’ Nigerian Chamber of Shipping