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Advanced Bunker Pack


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This pack includes:

BUNKERS: An Analysis of the Technical and Environmental Issues, An Introduction to Bunkering, An Introduction to Marine Fuel Analysis (Revised), An Introduction to Bunker Operations, An Introduction to Credit Risk, Commercial Practice in Bunkering, Legal Issues in Bunkering, Bunker Fuel for Marine Engines, An Introduction to Marine Bunker Claims Management, Shipping, An Introduction to  Fuel Measurement, Bunkers and An Introduction to Marine Lubricants.


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Pack content

BUNKERS - 4th Edition - An Analysis of the Technical and Environmental IssuesAn Introduction to BunkeringAn Introduction to Marine Fuel AnalysisAn Introduction to Bunker OperationsAn Introduction to Bunker Credit RiskCommercial Practice in BunkeringLegal Issues in BunkeringBunker Fuel for Marine EnginesShipping An Introduction to the Technical, Operational and Commercial AspectsAn Introduction to Fuel MeasurementBUNKERS: An Introduction to Managing Commercial RiskAn Introduction to Marine Lubricants An Introduction to Marine Bunker Claims Management