Why MEBC 2020 in Dubai is the must-attend event for marine fuel professionals

on Thursday, 19 December 2019. Posted in Petrospot News

The Middle East Bunkering Convention comes at a disruptive but very exciting time for regional Arabian Gulf bunker markets, highlights the conference chair, Adrian Tolson of BLUE Insight.

Tolson, a high profile and vastly experienced marine fuels consultant and practitioner, explains why MEBC is so well-timed and positioned to examine the outlook and opportunities for this key bunkering and oil producing region.

‘The Arabian Gulf deals daily with the political tensions of the region and the added pressure of IMO 2020 brings a new level of complexity.  Once thought to be a supply location dominated by regional high sulphur fuel oil demand it now appears to be a market well suited to post 2020 supply.  

‘Fujairah already has two refineries committed to VLSFO production and one more is planned.  In addition, the Arabian Gulf market is getting increasing attention from regional national oil companies as a supply outlet for new capacity VLSFO and diesel production.  All this adds up to a post 2020 market that may well be a consistent exporter of post-2020 fuels.

‘Furthermore, the region is well-known for its rapidly increasing LNG export capabilities and this will translate into increased local focus and investment in local LNG marine supply.  The Arabian Gulf is a supply region well suited to the transition to de-carbonisation. 

‘Once thought a backwater of old school HSFO production it is likely that it will take up a role at the forefront of post-2020 supply and the first opportunity to learn about these exciting changes is at MEBC 2020.’

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