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#MWLPA22: The spegc Announces the Start-Up of the High Technology Incubator for the Maritime Field

on Wednesday, 22 June 2022. Posted in Petrospot News

by Puertocanarias Wed, 06/22/2022

The Cabildo and the Gran Canaria Economic Promotion Society (SPEGC) sponsor the new edition of the Maritime Week that this 2022 will be held in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, in the enclave of the Hotel Santa Catalina, from June 20 to 22 .

Maritime Week is a biannual event organized by the British company Pretrospot Ltd, which brings together businessmen and professionals from the maritime maritime sector worldwide. For this reason, holding this edition in the capital of Gran Canaria contributes to reinforcing the strategic role of the Port of Las Palmas as a logistics and energy center in the Mid-Atlantic.

The SPEGC, through the Best In Gran Canaria initiative, has participated with the presentation "Opportunities in the maritime sector in Gran Canaria", given by Guillermo Quintana, coordinator of Project Development, within the framework of the Conference "Supply of ships in Gran Canaria". the Atlantic”. During his speech, he made known the advantages of settling on the Island, the tax incentives that the Economic and Tax Regime has, the public financing lines and financial instruments specific to R&D&i and the innovative projects that the SPEGC is developing in the marine maritime port field.

Incubator for the maritime field

In relation to this last point, linked to projects of an innovative nature, the SPEGC has just announced the tender for the services that will be offered in the High Technology Incubator in Data Analysis and Artificial Intelligence (IAT) applied to the marine maritime field, whose The opening is scheduled for next July.

The incubator, financed by the Cameral Institute Foundation for the Creation and Development of the INCYDE Company, within the Pluriregional Operational Program of Spain FEDER 2014-2020, was born with the aim of boosting a public-private innovation ecosystem that allows the development and validation of technological solutions to meet the demand of companies in the sector.


The SPEGC has already communicated the tender for the services that will be offered in the IAT applied to the marine maritime field.

The services that the Incubator will offer to the projects and companies that wish to participate in the incubation program are the following:

Integrated programs and workshops of different scope depending on the maturity and progress of the projects (idea or seed, incubation and acceleration).
Specialized and personalized advisory and consultancy services for SMEs and projects attending to different functional areas: business, financing, technology and internationalization.
Specialized advisory service to structure and finance cooperative projects between the Incubated companies themselves and these with other external companies and research and experimentation entities related to the IAT.
Organization of annual events for the local, national and international promotion of the capabilities and services of the IAT, of the SMEs associated with it and of the possibilities of the linked ecosystem for the development and application of the IAT specialization technologies.
For the development of its activity, the IAT will have facilities in the Puertos Foundation Building in Las Palmas, in addition to other SPEGC facilities in Gran Canaria.

The base budget of the tender amounts to 1,611,471.65 million euros, IGIC not included, and the execution period is established from the signing of the contract and until December 31, 2023. The object of the contract includes the execution of the following features:

Design, planning, preparation and execution of integrated programs of different scope in consideration of the maturity and progress of the participating projects.
Specialized and personalized advisory and consultancy service meeting the needs of the recipients of the same and in the following functional areas: business, financing, technology, internationalization and structuring of cooperative projects.
Organization of events for the regional, national and international promotion of the capacities and services of the Incubator, as well as of the incubated companies, companies and associated entities.
Communication and marketing service of the Incubator and its activities.
Coordination service for all the activities provided for in this specification and support for the SPEGC.
Cloud computing service.
The project is 85% co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund within the framework of the Spanish Pluriregional Operational Program FEDER 2014-2020 "A way to make Europe". The start-up of this incubator is part of the High Technology Incubators project for the promotion of innovation and technology transfer to micro-SMEs of the INCYDE Foundation, which selected the project "Start-up, promotion and positioning of a High Technology Incubator (IAT) in Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence applied to the marine and maritime environment” of the SPEGC as a beneficiary in the autonomous community of the Canary Islands.