Introducing tracking shipping’s journey to a zero emissions future

on Friday, 28 August 2020. Posted in Petrospot News

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Petrospot Ltd today celebrates the launch of, the company’s new free-to-access news and insights platform tracking shipping’s journey to a zero emission future. promises to lead conversation and debate on the marine energy transition. Through podcasts, polls, surveys, and digital discussions, encourages the dynamic exchange of information across the zero emissions journey – generating engagement between shipping and bunkering audiences, and key expertise within the energy, policy, and technology disciplines.

The platform will also provide regular and detailed reporting across news, longer reads, interviews, and expert comment on new fuels, technologies, and vessel efficiency. This incorporates information on global, regional, and national initiatives designed to accelerate the journey to low carbon, low emission shipping, including R&D programmes involving industry and academic institutions.

In line with the launch, Petrospot is pleased to introduce the first episode of the podcast, which will be available on the platform at launch for registrants. The inaugural podcast will feature comment from Mark Cameron, Chief Operating Officer of Ardmore Shipping, on the key opportunities and challenges of shipping’s journey towards decarbonisation.

Petrospot’s Director of Publishing, Lesley Bankes-Hughes, will lead the delivery of quality content through in the form of industry thought leadership, commentary, and interactive debate with the sectors’ leaders – including a programme of focused and agile industry events and webinars, building on the success of the first Marine Energy Transition Forum in 2019. Lesley will be supported by Ian Taylor as Managing Editor and Rhys Berry as News Editor, as well as contributing editor Mark Williams, Managing Director of Shipping Strategy Ltd.

Speaking on the launch, Lesley said: “We are excited to launch as the zero emissions extension to our respected reporting portfolio. Together Bunkerspot and, with their respective focuses on fossil fuels and zero emissions solutions, bolster Petrospot’s ability to efficiently investigate and generate conversation across the full breadth of the marine energy transition. 

“As shipping heads out to new horizons, much of the regulatory, legal, and safety frameworks which underpin will have to be revised and written anew. provides the industry with a consolidated platform where they can track activity, decisions, and new developments across the entire span of the marine energy transition, from technology to regulation, safety, policy, and beyond.”


Please click here to register for If you would be interested in media or editorial partnerships with, please contact Lesley Bankes-Hughes for more information.